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August 2018



UI design and creative direction

A rich mobile experience

A significant amount of editorial content is consumed on mobile devices. We focused a great deal of our effort on making the mobile articles easy to digest. We used clear headlines, spacing around the body copy, and immersive, relevant imagery. We also make it easy for people to search for specific content on the site.

Seamless sponsored content

When it comes to editorial magazines, sponsored content is its bread and butter. Sponsors and ads often compete and distract from the rest of the site content. We made sure ads are consistent to the rest of the site but also easily recognisable.

Integrated flight, hotel and restaurant deals

A point of difference is the seamless integration of Qantas deals. As we have access to Qantas’ extensive catalog of deals, we promote them with the relevant content. This gives readers the right deals on a granular level.

Immersive imagery

Imagery is a pivotal part of travel inspiration. To deliver a beautiful and captivating experience, we use a combination of full-bleed, ultra-wide, and tall portrait images.

Elegent quotations

Travel Insider is curated by a collection of expert editors and critics. To communicate this premium touch, we highlight their thoughts in elegant pull quotes.

Gallery styles

We designed a collection of different gallery modules that the editors could use. They could choose from inline article galleries, hero carousels, or a list of photos on its own page.

The end.

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