Qantas Business Rewards

A rewards program for small medium enterprise

A complete rebrand of Qantas Business Rewards, including the logged-in experience.


Qantas Business Rewards


January 2017



UI design, motion and creative direction

A simpler home page

One of the challenges for customers was understanding how the rewards program works. From reworking the content, we decided to explain the process in a simple way: earn, transfer, then redeem your points.

UI pictogram animations

As a delight factor, we added small animations throughout the site. This helps to gives the site some energy and not to feel so static.

Authenticated dashboard

We made it easy for customers to manage their account. Upon login, they could quickly get a status update, book a flight, and manage people within the account.

Program Partner template

A significant benefit of Qantas Business Rewards is the partner program. If a business were to use services from these partners, they could earn extra points for those transactions. We created a profile template to help customers see what benefits they could be getting.

The end.

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