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Travel Insider


July, 2018



UI design and creative direction

The best deals

Up-to-date flight deals are top priority for travellers. We made it easy for people to see all the latest deals for their desired destination.

Inspiring editorials

Editorial content is a great source of holiday inspiration. We integrated rich content from the Travel Insider magazine for each destination.

Regional guides

Visiting multiple countries in a region is a common travel pattern. We created regional guides so it’s easy for customers to plan their trip at a broader level.

Immersive imagery

Images play a big part in travel inspiration. For me, photos bring a lot of excitement when I’m planning my holidays. I wanted to make sure that we captured that excitement with rich imagery through the site.

Dynamic editorial modules

We wanted to break out of the standard “headline and image” modules that we often see in editorial content.

Automated flight deals

Customers would dynamically recieve all the latest flight deals and sales.

Travel planner

We wanted to support customers on every step of their trip, so we send them reminders. These include easily forgotten things, such as travel insurance, pet sitting, and travel money.

The end.