Fox Sports Race Centre

Rich second-screen experience for motorsport

Race Centre is a true second-screen experience for any motorsport race. With it you can access live timings, GPS, driver telemetry and in-car video angles. At the same time, Race Centre also covers breaking news, race schedules, and results.


Fox Sports Motorsport


July 2016



UI design and creative direction

Combining data and design

Live driver telemetry

My favourite feature in this project is the live telemetry. People can experience what the driver and the car is going through during the race as it happens.

Unrivaled video experience

In addition to the standard “live stream” of the race, users have access to the inside the race car with live video feeds of each driver.

Live and animated leaderboard

Live leadersboards are the staple of motorsport. By making the leaderboard live, we give users a wholelistic view of the entire race.

Complete event experience

Race Centre is the full event experience. Starting from the editorial build up before the race, to the action during, to all the analysis and reviews post-race.

The end.

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